About the Program

Informed by the latest language learning research, Encounters represents a new generation of language programs. This fully integrated program includes four combined textbook-workbooks covering beginning and intermediate levels, a dramatic video series, audio and video instruction, online workbooks, and extensive resources to support instruction.

Why Choose Encounters?


  • Filmed in six regions across China.
  • Real-world spoken language and communication are backed by a proven video-integrated pedagogy.
  • Illustrations, audio, and video provide exposure to authentic material.


  • Students learn by doing via a task-based approach.
  • Each unit reinforces what students can already accomplish using Chinese and enhances their abilities via increasingly complex language use.
  • The communicative approach is supported across integrated student books and multimedia.


  • Includes activities designed for individuals, pairs, and groups.
  • All multimedia and ancillary materials are accessible on the go.
  • Flexible methodology allows teachers to modify lessons to suit student needs and pace.

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Program Components

Student Books

Experience both textbook and workbook in one combined volume.

Conveniently serving as both textbook and workbook, the student books are the foundation of our program. Student Books 1 and 2 make up the beginner level of study (Level 1), while Student Books 3 and 4 compose the intermediate level (Level 2). Each book consists of an introduction and 10 units and is rich with learning material, instructional exercises, and grammar and vocabulary review. Click here to view the table of contents for each Student Book.


Dramatic Episodes

Transport students to the cities and villages of modern China.

The dramatic series transports students to the cities and villages of modern China with over 5 hours of video. Filmed on location throughout China, episodes reveal everyday life via the interwoven stories of nine main characters. Dramatic episodes captivate students and encourage them to watch and learn, as more Chinese is progressively introduced and linked with corresponding lessons. Each episode has optional subtitles in English, pinyin, simplified characters, and traditional characters. Read more about the actors and watch the pilot episode.


Cultural Bits

Explore Chinese customs and traditions through video segments.

Concise video segments provide lesson-based exploration into Chinese customs and traditions, deepening students’ cultural knowledge and real life context for use of the Chinese language.



Listen to vocabulary and pronunciation.

Available in multiple formats—streamed soundcloud files or downloadable MP3s—lesson audio is easy to access anytime, anywhere, providing realistic listening experiences. The audio program covers lesson vocabulary and pronunciation. Level 1 units include rap songs that cover important vocabulary and core themes from each lesson. In addition, the Level 1 series includes audio programs by Chinese language scholar Julian Wheatley, who provides a chapter-by-chapter tour of the student books via practical vocabulary and cultural content.


Online Workbooks

Practice outside the classroom with interactive workbooks.

The online workbooks correlate with and expand upon the lessons in the student books through interactive assessments. Self-graded quizzes provide immediate feedback, while a built-in grade book tracks scoring.


Character Writing Workbooks

Master the art of writing simplified and traditional characters.

Supplementing the student books of Level 1, Character Writing Workbooks 1 and 2 help students master the art of writing simplified and traditional characters. The 10 units in each workbook correspond to the 10 units in the respective student book.


Additional Resources

Customize your classroom.

Extra videos, flashcards, a realia image archive, screenplays, and rap song lyrics are just a few of the classroom supplements we offer to expand on the core components of the Encounters program. These supplements provide you with choice and flexibility to customize your classroom experiences.


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