Teaching Tools

Instructor Resources

Instructors have access to many supplemental resources for teaching with Encounters.

  • Annotated instructor's editions for each student book provide teaching strategies and helpful tips along with answer keys.
  • A "Help Me Plan My Lesson" section of the website offers unit-by-unit suggestions.
  • Instructor-only views to the website allow you to show or hide answer keys when presenting media in class.
  • Supplemental resources include quizzes, a realia image bank, and reusable presentations.
  • An Encounters YouTube Channel offers helpful videos.

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Teaching Strategies

In this series of videos, Encounters co-author Cyndy Ning discusses strategies for teaching with Encounters.

Program Overview

Author Cyndy Ning provides an overview of the Encounters program.

Curriculum Principles

Principles behind the Encounters curriculum and tips on using it in the classroom.

Teaching Strategies

A demonstration of how second-semester Chinese students excel using Encounters.

Classroom Conversations

How Encounters helps students complete conversational and interactive tasks in the classroom.

Reading and Writing

Explore how Encounters teaches students to read and write in Chinese.

Students Expressing Themselves

Learn how Encounters encourages students to express their own thoughts and ideas as they learn Chinese.


Tutorial - Access Media

A brief introduction to our new website that highlights how to access the video, audio, and other online resources associated with the Encounters program.

New Website webinar (Aug. 2015)

In this hour-long webinar, Tom Breen of Yale Press walks you through the NEW Encounters website, highlighting the new features that will make teaching with Encounters better and easier than ever.

21st-Century Language Pedagogy

Co-author Cyndy Ning discusses how Encounters incorporates twenty-first-century language pedagogy. Part 1 covers ACTFL standards, the five C's of language learning, and the five arenas of language learning.

Unit 1 Objectives and Skill Building

In this second part of the webinar, Cyndy introduces Unit 1 of Encounters. She discusses unit objectives, listening and speaking exercises, and Encounters audio and video.

Unit 1 Skill Building, Continued

In this third part of the webinar, Cyndy describes the latter half of Unit 1, including character reading and writing exercises, vocabulary, and grammar review.

Character Trainer App Tutorial

This brief video tutorial demonstrates the Encounters Chinese Character Trainer App, available for both Apple and Android devices.

Watch these videos and more on the Encounters YouTube Channel.


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