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Communicative Chinese Language Program

Designed for English-speaking students ready to embark on the adventure of learning Mandarin Chinese, Encounters accelerates student language proficiency and cultural understanding through authentic language and cultural experiences.


Why Choose Encounters?

Find out why Encounters is the best Chinese language program.

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Program Components

Engaging and diverse, Encounters offers a range of educational tools and media.

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Teaching Tools

Learn more about teaching Encounters in your classroom.

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  • "Innovative, fantastic, very engaging and encouraging for learning…. No doubt Encounters will be a major contribution to the Chinese teaching field."

    Chengzhi Chu, Ph.D., University of California, Davis

  • "I like the natural context and the different types of exercises in the Encounters textbook, and the video is nothing short of great."

    Hannah Lin , West Virginia University

  • "As a teacher, I like the architecture of the book and its efforts to teach American students in a more communicative way."

    Yinong Yang, Buckingham Browne & Nichols

  • “An excellent addition to the field…. The program distinguishes itself from other learning materials for its functional approach and authentic contexts, its emphasis on performance in learning, and, most of all, its innovative instructional design and user-friendly teaching tips.”

    Jianhua Bai, Kenyon College, Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association