Tables of Contents

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Introductory Unit: “You’ll pick it up fast”
Introduction to Chinese

Unit 1: “We’re all one family”
Introducing yourself by nationality and background

Unit 2: “Friends from the start”
Introducing yourself by age, contact information, and relationship to others

Unit 3: “Don’t leave before I arrive”
Making an appointment

Unit 4: “If only we had met sooner”
Talking about your nationality and background

Unit 5: “Family and friends”
Talking about family and friends

Unit 6: “Happy at home and work”
Discussing school, professions, and careers

Unit 7: “Meeting our needs”
Discussing personal needs

Unit 8: “Early to bed, early to rise”
Discussing daily routines

Unit 9: “You get what you pay for”
Shopping and bargaining

Unit 10: “Good quality at a low price”
Getting around town to shop


Introductory Unit 2: Recap

Unit 11: “Haven’t we met before?”
Getting to know people better

Unit 12: “Food is fundamental”
Shopping for food

Unit 13: “A simple, home-cooked meal”
Eating at the home of a friend

Unit 14: “A tasty meal at a good price”
Eating out

Unit 15: “Recreation and entertainment”
Discussing leisure activities

Unit 16: “Study hard and improve day by day”
Discussing school and your studies

Unit 17: “Discussing your home”
Discussing your home and living situation

Unit 18: “Getting around”
Naming modes of transportation and how to buy tickets and get around

Unit 19: “Planning outings”
Covers all you need to plan a trip or activity

Unit 20: “Learning Chinese: past experiences and advice for the future”
Discussing the next steps for learning Chinese


Unit 21: “It seems an old friend has come to visit”
Getting reacquainted with old friends

Unit 22: “Seeking a physician and inquiring about medicine”
Handling illnesses—a visit to the doctor

Unit 23: “A person of good character obtains wealth properly”
Finance and banking

Unit 24: “It's only natural to want to look beautiful”
Personal care and appearance

Unit 25: “Something new every day”
Communication technology

Unit 26: “The rarer an item, the more valuable it becomes”
Shopping in malls and stores

Unit 27: “Even the cleverest wife cannot cook without rice”
Grocery shopping and cooking

Unit 28: “The Eight Immortals display their personal magic”
Personalities and appearances

Unit 29: “Filial piety is the foundation of all virtues”
Family relationships

Unit 30: “Since we've come, we might as well settle in”
Settling in a new place


Unit 31: “Reading is always beneficial”
Books and media

Unit 32: “To each his own”
TV shows and films

Unit 33: “Searching the globe for curiosities”
Searching the Internet

Unit 34: “Life is in movement”
Sports and sporting events

Unit 35: “Every walk of life produces a virtuoso”
The ideal career

Unit 36: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
The ideal life partner

Unit 37: “A paradise on earth”
The ideal place to live

Unit 38: “No attachments, no worries—happy and free”
The ideal lifestyle

Unit 39: “If you believe, it will work”
Spiritual practices

Unit 40: “Ascend to a higher level”
Future language learning plans