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Student Book 2 Program Components

Student Book 2 Print Edition
Student Book 2
eTextbook Edition
Character Writing Workbook 2
Online Workbook to
Accompany Student Book 2

Includes 24 months of media access on the Encounters website.

* Note: access to website must be purchased separately. See below to order individual media access.

Character writing workbook to accompany Student Book 2 units.

Includes 12 months of access to the online workbook.
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Student Book 2 Media Supplements

Media Access Only
Screenplay 2
DVD Lab Pack 2
Purchase 24 months of access to the Encounters website. Read along with each unit's dramatic episode in English, pinyin, and simplified and traditional characters. A collection of all media content for Student Book 2.
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Examination Access: Examination Access is a great way to see Encounters in action! We’ll give you 1 month of access to the first few chapters of text and media from Student Book 1, so you can try Encounters in your classroom while making the decision to adopt.

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