Instructor Requests

Student Book 1

Annotated Instructor's Edition

This introductory text is the perfect primer for students just beginning their journey towards Chinese fluency. Student Book 1 explores the basic skills needed to master the language, including tones, numbers, syllables, character recognition and writing. Topics include greetings, personal and family backgrounds, daily routines, personal needs, and shopping.

Student Book 2

Annotated Instructor's Edition

For beginner students continuing their journey towards Chinese fluency, Student Book 2 builds on the fundamentals presented in the first student book. This volume challenges students to gain more of the critical skills necessary to complete useful task-based activities while reinforcing reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Topics include eating and food, leisure activities, school, housing, and travel.

Student Book 3

Annotated Instructor's Edition

Student Book 3 marks the start of the intermediate level course. Students at this level should have a solid grasp on fundamentals and be able to communicate well enough to meet basic needs. This volume prepares learners to create more complex sentences and navigate the Chinese landscape with greater ease. Topics include health, finances, personal care, technology, shopping, and personalities.

Student Book 4

Annotated Instructor's Edition

The final text in our Chinese language course, Student Book 4 will round out a student's education, preparing them to venture outside the classroom for the final time. At the close of this book students should feel confident in their ability to navigate a real Chinese environment and have the necessary skills to progress beyond their current proficiency level. Focused on facets of modern life, topics include TV, film, the internet, sporting events, career, lifestyle, and spirituality.

Desk Copies

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