Level 1

Lynn—Elyse Ribbons, American actress living and working in Beijing. She has hosted her own show, written and produced plays, and had roles in many Chinese movies. Her website is

Mick—Mark Thirwall, Australian who runs a teahouse and school (called the Hutong, see; featured in Encounters Level 2) in Beijing. Has modeled for Chinese advertising. Cathleen Chang (Luo Xueting in Level 2) is his wife in real life.

Alejandro—Juan-Carlos Guzmán, American actor who has played gang-related roles in Hollywood movies, including with Kevin Bacon in Death Sentence (2007).

April—Hester Wei Ralph is an American actress and model currently living in Los Angeles.

Tang Yuan—夏添 Xià Tiān, Chinese actor. Born in 1980 in Hunan, graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Star of TV series Feng Ying and many other hit dramas.

A-Juan—张暘 Zhāng Yáng, Chinese actress. Appeared in 2006’s desert road movie Taklamakan. She was the lead in 2007’s love thriller Fish Out of Water, 2010’s award winning drama Chang'an, and 2012’s Brothers.

A-Long—袁绍雄 Yuán Shàoxióng. Born Beijing 1997, served as the host of several children’s shows, played the male lead as a child in the TV series Life. Frequently appears in ads.

Chen Feng—徐睿涵 Xú Ruìhán, film and television actor. In 1998 served as a variety show host for the army. His dance "The Motherland Knows Me" won first prize in China’s military revue. Has appeared in several TV dramas. Can shoot, ride, play the accordion and do martial arts.

Li Wen—张梦琼 Zhāng Mèngqióng, Chinese actress, currently on family leave.

Mao Zhipeng—孙德元 Sūn Déyuán Professor in the Performance Department of the Communications University of China (the school featured in both levels of Encounters); had supporting roles in A Table for You, Angkor Smiles, An Urban Fairy Tale and other movies.

Xiao Fei—赵浩廷 Zhào Hàotíng. Graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2004. Has appeared in many TV dramas and several films, as well as ads for Toyota, ramen, clothing, Lenovo and Samsung phones. Strong singer as well.

Level 2

A-Juan—佴文 Nài Wén, Chinese actress. Appeared in multiple films and TV series. Born April 1, 1991 in Yangzhou. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2013. Had formal dance training and received various awards in dance competitions.

Luo Xueting—Cathleen Chang, Texas born and raised wife of Mark Thirlwall. She has been a TV host for China Central Television (CCTV), and is a reporter for Real Time Beijing (China Radio International).

Fang Lan—张小觉 Zhāng Xiǎojué. Born June 26, 1987, singer. Appeared in a 2007 TV variety show and won a place on the national “Top 5” list. Beginning an acting career in Chinese movies.

Emma Brown—Rita Vizer, Hungarian; graduated from Communications University of China, now a graduate student at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. Sings at